Ethically Made: 12 Sustainable Fashion Brands

I’ve always been a fan of fashion. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in the golden era of America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway (make it work! smize!). Or maybe it’s because a well-put together outfit can offer a complete transformation - in confidence, in persona, and often in identity. Fashion is a form of dress-up, a way to play, and a true form of self-expression.

When I was younger, I spent many days rifling through racks of clothing at Forever 21, but lately, I’m making an effort to shift my focus towards shopping at brands with sustainable and ethical practices.

If you’d like to do the same - or, if you’d just like to browse some really freaking cute clothes - I’ve compiled a list of twelve sustainable clothing brands you’ll easily fall in love with.






For the girl who… loves the classics, and thinks there’s nothing better than the combo of well-loved jeans with broken in Chelsea boots.

How they’re making a difference… ethically produced clothing in factories where employees receive a fair wage, healthcare, and a safe working environment.


Whimsy and Row


For the girl who… likes to get herself all wrapped up in dresses. Figure hugging silhouettes, timeless prints, and flirty, twirlable appeal.

How they’re making a difference… clothes are produced in limited batch runs, and all clothing is crafted using locally sourced dead stock fabric.


Raven and Lilly


For the girl who… is effortlessly chic - always looking for unique, artisan jewelry that will complement their classic, cool ensemble.

How they’re making a difference… empowering women by providing 1500 female artisans globally employment with fair wage and healthcare.


The Reformation


For the girl who… is on the pulse of the latest trends, but likes to add an oomph of vintage throwback to their look.

How they’re making a difference… by producing their designs with sustainable materials, dead stock fabric, and repurposing vintage clothing.


Amour Vert


For the girl who… never surrenders comfort for the sake of style. Ultra-soft tees, dresses and cozy knits await.

How they’re making a difference… limited batch and local production, use of sustainable fabric, and their “Buy a tee, plant a tree” program.


Christy Dawn


For the girl who… is a dreamy, bohemian romantic who adores all things vintage. If you’re on the hunt for a stunning dress, Christy Dawn has the one for you.

How they’re making a difference… by using deadstock fabrics, and a focus on ethical production locally in Los Angeles.




For the girl who… is on the hunt for timeless basics that will last in their wardrobe for years to come.

How they’re making a difference… maintaining high ethical factory standards, and pricing transparency.




For the girl who… is after that ultra-enviable French girl vibe. Ah, mais oui - you’ll feel like a Parisienne in no time.

How they’re making a difference… producing their lines in ethical, regularly audited workshops, and a charity program called DEMAIN.


Revel Knitwear


For the girl who… wishes it would always be sweater weather. Cozy up to chunky, oft-oversized knits that’ll make you say, “wanna stay in?”

How they’re making a difference… by having a “made to order” brand focus, Revel is the opposite of fast fashion.


Salt Gypsy


For the girl who… spends more time at the beach than she does at home, and feels most alive with the sand between her feet.

How they’re making a difference… all products made from recycled fabrics, with sustainable, local manufacturing.




For the girl who… is always on the go. Stylish, and practical, she keeps her necessities close-by at all times.

How they’re making a difference… salvaged materials, and locally produced in Los Angeles to cut out waste.


Vetta Capsule


For the girl who… knows that less is more. Timeless, chic pieces that will effortlessly fit into any capsule wardrobe.

How they’re making a difference… responsibly produced in ethical factories, sustainable fabrics, and designed to be worn again & again.


Author’s note: all images used in this blog post are courtesy of the brand’s websites. All rights are reserved to the brand for these photos.