Overcoming the Fear of Getting Started

Hello, my name is Liz, and I’m a procrastinating perfectionist. This is an introduction and a story about struggling to overcome the fear of getting started.

You might have noticed this is my first blog post – but oddly enough, I’m not a stranger to the blogging world. After all, Livejournal was my jam back in 2005. And Myspace blogs? Man, don’t even get me started. This is, however, my first blog in years.

While my passion for writing hasn’t faded, most of the writing I currently do is for someone else. With that comes certain challenges and constrictions, most notably the need to write in the brand's voice. My personality seeps out from time to time, but it's a struggle to connect with something that is not truly my voice.

I've been feeling a little lost. In the absence of an outlet to express myself, I feel directionless and unfulfilled. Fearful that my identity is lost forever, fearful that I didn't ever have an identity in the first place. You name it. After all, we begin to figure out who we are through the process of expressing ourselves. 

Untitled design.png

For years, the idea of a lifestyle blog had been swimming around in my brain. And let me tell you now - my brain is like the deep ocean during the storm of the century. Trust me, you wouldn't wanna take a cruise in my brain. So, when I say this idea was swimming around in my brain, I really mean that this idea was withstanding wave after wave of self-doubt and fear.

What's been holding me back? All of the things that can hold someone back, basically. You know, all of those ugly inner voices that linger around like whiny mosquitoes. I think we all have a desire to be accepted, and a lingering fear that we won’t be. It holds so many of us back.

 Have you been there, too? If you have, here’s what I’ll tell you now:

Someone needs to hear what you have to say. It doesn’t matter if it’s been said a thousand times, because you can connect with others in a way that is uniquely YOU.

 So… hello, world. This first blog post is my little step to overcome that fear.